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Для тех, кто работает с людьми и может взять на себя негативную энергию, клиента.

Для тех, кто устает после приема клиентов
She has been nominated for an Academy Award, two Grammy Awards and the Mercury Prize
Fun And Pleasant Converse
You will enjoy power of subtle feeling of the mood and feeling right atmosphere for every event. High professional feel fine mood of every guest and use experience in improvisation. Nicolaus Stimm uses his catching style that can break the ice and keep the energy fresh all the time.
Event Services On High Level
I am absolute generalist, catering as corporate and business events as private parties.
To create right atmosphere I explore tastes of all guests very thoroughly and create a unique scenaries for guests and a couple. Unexpected moments are just a game but not a problem!
Partries and shows
The main here is holding the attention and good mood of guests. I can be active enough to bring right energy and give people private time and area to communicate to each others and mind their business.
The main thing here is a careful preparation and intelligence. I have a desirable background and social experience to make an excellent atmosphere.
Video Reel Of Events From 2016
There are some shots of events which I conducted last year. Enjoy watching!
Event Host Preferences
Master of ceremonies keeps most of organisation questions and problems under control
Feeling of humour
For master of ceremonies it is very important to be adequate in every situation. So I am that person who will not make you to be ashamed.
Сontract labor
Everybody wants to be sure that everything is going right. I work only with a contract to save myself and you from unexpected situations.
Punctuality is the politeness of princes. You will never see my lateness to our meeting or any arragement.
I do not have any cliche scenarios to use it from time to time. All my clients are unique. I work with any of them at full capacity, considering features and wishes of guests.
Highly professional background
  • Graduate of a National Art Academy in 2011
  • Leading actor in Summer scene, Mariolla theatre
  • Leading teacher of acting in Meridians Theatre Academy
  • High level of public speaking and acting
  • Hosted more than 160 events
Good or relevant mood of all guests is a main target for me all the time. So there is really helpful to be a little bit a psychologist.
Easy Steps to Start Creating Fun
Make your event perfect with this steps!
Your call or sent an e-mail
We will discuss yor case and ideas. It is very important for me to imagine a scene and start creating a conception
Organise a meeting
I will present you conceptions, we will discuss everything, time and prices.
Concept adopting
We approve scenario, time and price, sign all docs and a preparation starts.
Holding the event
Your comfort, fun and confident feeling is a main target. Enjoy!
See what my clients think about my work
Thank you so much for all your work and dedication in the lead up to our day! Your expertise made us enjoy our evening and there were lots of compliments on the way you conducted the party!
Mark & Lana
I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic job you did. You took control of everything which really allowed us to relax and enjoy our evening! And we really appreciate everything you did. Thanks again!
Samantha and Mat
Nicolaus is my personal highly recommended. He takes care of our wedding reception as if it was his own event and took care of all small details we hadn't even thought.
Sarah Lewin
Nicolaus was a star at our wedding! He is very attentive and high professional.Thank you, all our guests clearly showed Jeremiah was a hit!
Julia Monroe
Contact me
Feel free to write and call. Fill the form and I will answer you by e-mail
+1 123 456 78 90
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